MyShape Cryo Fusion Wave

❖ R15- Diameter 15 mm, For treatment of epidermis, dermis connective tissue and cellulite.
❖ F15- Diameter 15 mm, Focused shock wave, deeper penetration, treatment of deep layers
of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
❖ R20- Diameter 20 mm, gentle treatment of epidermis, dermis, connective tissue, cellulite
and breakdown fat cells.
❖ F32- Diameter 32 mm, Focused shock wave for larger areas, treat for deep layers of the
epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue
❖ R36- Diameter 36 mm, radial pressure waves: The activation of blood and lymph circulation,
body shaping.

MyShape Cryo Fusion Wave


Cryo Fusion Wave uses fat freezing shockwave therapy designed for fat reduction, cellulite
reduction, skin tightening and muscle rebuilding. With this machine you can achieve whole body
sculpting in just 35 minutes.
The treatment is performed every 15 days for four to six sessions. Each session lasts 35
minutes, beginning with 30 mins cooling (-2 to -10 ℃) electroporation paddles followed by 3000
to 7000 pulse shock wave therapy. Achieve twice the rate of fat reduction in half the time
compared to cooling treatments alone.
Each session lasts 30 mins, performed twice weekly, cryolipolysis (5 ℃) electroporation and
shockwave are rhythmically alternated. The alternation cases vascular gymnastics which is the
most effective for treatment of edematous cellulite.
Procedures take about 35 minutes. It begins with 30 minutes of electroporation followed by
5000 to 7000 pulse shock wave. Each session are performed weekly. BIO-Stimulations
targeting the underlying muscular structure, results in increased muscle density and volume.
These treatments last between 20 to 30 minutes. Cryolipolysis (5 ℃)electroporation and
shockwave are rhythmically alternated. This helps with the formation of new tissue, improves
skin elasticity and texture. The activated muscle causes immediate circumferential reduction,
and leaves the client with tighter and healthier looking skin.
Synergistic use of cryolipo-electroporation, allows the cooling to be conducted accurately into
deeper subcutaneous fat layer in a more rapid way, creating a uniform freezing effects. This
device equipped four CRYO-Electroporation paddles working in simultaneous modem, each
paddle has a large treated surface of 150cm², which enables to treat multiple areas and with
one, two, three or four treating simultaneously. 30 minutes procedure instead of 1 hour
traditional fat freezing treatment, shorten treatment time by half with rapid and uniform cooling
effects. Patient can experience fat reduction with an immediate tightening effects
❖ Combination treatments with shock wave therapy
❖ Enhances Treated Results
❖ Shortens recovery time
❖ Minimizes the occurrence of side effects
❖ Subcutaneous fat cells freeze
❖ Fat cells encouraged to drain using low temperatures
❖ No suction required, thus no bruising
❖ Works between 5°C and -10°C
❖ Muscles stimulation and rebuilding
❖ Speed up lymph flow
❖ Dissolving fat thanks to muscle contractions
❖ Tightening Effects followed
❖ Muscle compression stimulated in a positive manner
❖ Muscles’ energy consumption is increased
❖ Applicator built-in with cooling system, which can support long lasting treatment without
overheat problem, this unique feature ensure a long life spam for the applicator.


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