MyShape Co2 Franction8


– Our MyShape Co2 Fraction8, we use the RF metal tube proving good stability with a 10-15 years long lifespan.

– Sufficient energy

– No need for water cooling-The shot point is very fine and the damage is small.

– The galvanometer can decompose complete energy into an infinite number of laser beams, our galvanometer is imported from Germany, giving it a safer and better effect.

– Excellent guiding light arm, greatly reduces energy loss.

MyShape Co2 Franction8


The MyShape Co2 Fraction8 adopts the most advanced technology of UltraPulse CO2 laser and scanning technique of full automatic computer accuracy control and utilizing CO2 laser heat penetration, under the guidance of the precise scanning of galvanometers. MyShape Co2 Fraction8 forms minimally invasive holes in the matrix form with a diameter of 0.12mm on the skin; under the energy and heat of the laser, tissues around wrinkles or scars are symmetricallygasified instantaneously and the micro heating area comes into being. It stimulates the collagen protein synthesis and then activates subcutaneous reactions, such as tissue repair and collagen rearrangement. The random breeding and regeneration of fresh collagen make the skin tight and luster, reducing wrinkles, eliminates pouch, and flattens scars. At the same time oftendering skin and removing wrinkles, large pigment, and spots are blasted into dust or they are taken out of the body via exuvium or lymphatic circulation with the effects of skin tightening, skin tendering, pigment spots removal, and skin whitening.


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