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The TRUTH About Passive Income In the Aesthetics, Body Contouring, and Skin Tightening Industry.
Right now, most spas and medspas are experiencing major problems in their businesses due to the COVID pandemic, which is why we have came up with our unique practice recovery plan that equally benefits the facility we are placing the machine in, and you the investor purchasing!

The Beauty Industry

This is an opportunity to make residual passive income like none you have ever seen. It’s not pennies in profits like vending machines or other shaky industries and you don’t have to go around filling inventory. For as little as $17,500-$35,000 you can own a piece of the powerful, medical beauty industry.
According to Forbes, this industry is projected to reach 8 billion by the year 2025.

Devices Fully Placed In Facilities For You

You do not have to run around trying to find a place for your FDA cleared highly advanced aesthetic equipment. We strategically place the machines in busy salons and spas so you can enjoy the passive income from day one. Imagine having a heavily desirable service you are part of but you do not have to worry about leases, paying electric bills, marketing, or dealing with payroll. This is PASSIVE INCOME in its best form. We call it being in the right place at the right time.

Fully Trained To Operate Equipment

We not only place the machines and set up your passive income structure. We fully train the salon and spa staff on how to sell treatments and properly use the equipment with our extremely knowledgeable team. It normally cost thousands of dollars for proper usage training but as part of your package, you can rest assured the user is properly trained. You do not have to deal with or be concerned about the treatments being administered correctly. We have an experienced staff with over 15 years of experience that knows the ends and outs of the equipment and can set you up with a turnkey, ready to go program.

The Machines

We place the FDA cleared high tech machines in local salons and spas in your selected zip code or area for you. You then split the sales revenues with the salon or spa. It’s that simple! You just have to collect your monthly check of your share of the sales volume. It’s not even profit based. It is literally a 50/50 split of total sales revenue brought into the salon for the treatments. No expenses to worry about and no overhead.

How The Passive Income Structure Works

Your machines are strategically placed by our staff into busy salons and spas. We secure all necessary agreements and documents to protect your financial interest. We fully train the staff in both marketing the program to new customers and existing clients as well. You do not have to worry about marketing or expenses of any kind, you simply share in the revenues generated by the equipment. You will know exactly what cashflow was brought into the location based on usage. You check the app with the timer as well as treatment log and collect your check. It’s that easy. No overhead for you, no selling, no dealing with the customer. Just a PASSIVE INCOME.

Don’t Miss This Chance

We hope you are as excited as we are about our program.We offer small packages and large packages as well as full regions.

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Aesthetic treatments is a long term investment and it can help your business grow in terms of
When taking out financing for a high end MyShape FDA cleared machine, people forget that
this is not a liability, it is in fact a business asset. A business asset is something that is there to
grow the business to maximize return on investment. People often say, “Oh I cannot afford
$1000 a month, I can only afford something for $200 a month”.
What if I tell you when spending $1000 you are more likely to make $10,000 where as if you
spend $200 you will only make $2000 a month. And if you make $2000 a month, you may as
well not have the business as your overheads and business outgoings will be so much more,
so you are working for free. If you ask me, I know which business package I will be choosing.
Remember you are buying a business, not just the machine. Technically you are buying into a
ready made franchise with a powerful brand backing without having to pay for any franchise
If you tell me to finance a car, I will tell you that I cannot afford $50 a month. The reason for this
is a car is not an asset or a long-term investment. A car is a liability that will cost you money
instead of making you money.
When going into this business, think of it as a long term business investment. As well as
looking for the right machine, you need to look for the right brand, the right return on
investment, the right marketing support that the supplier has to offer. If a brand cannot market
themselves, how can they market your business? Remember a TV advertisement can be
marketing support, or a pop up poster costing $20 can also be marketing support. As a savvy
business customer, you need to look for marketing support value that the brand can offer.
An example of this would be the US giant McDonalds. This is the most powerful burger chain
in the world. Forget whether it is the best burger or not for the moment, but if you spend a
million dollars just to have the M outside your store, you will be the most successful burger
shop in town. If I get the chance, I would definitely spend a million dollars on McDonalds rather
than spending $100,000 to open a regular burger shop with the best burger. The truth is, most
people do not get this chance to finance a million dollars.
Business people need to understand that they are in this industry to make a great living. So
whether you are in the US, Europe, Australia or Asia. Look for the highest return on investment
on a business rather than a local supplier that is down the street from you.

Medical aesthetics market size totaled $8.6 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach $19.4
billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period (2017-2023). Medical
aesthetics is a branch of scientific research, that uses minimal invasive treatments which help
in improving a person’s physical appearance, through the use of healthcare and beauty
services in combination with lasers or other energy based devices. Medical aesthetics include
a broad range of solutions and treatments that fulfill the aesthetic needs of the consumers for
the treatment of fine lines & wrinkle reduction, fat reduction, stretch marks solutions, scar
treatment, skin oxygenation and rejuvenation, body contours and firming, cellulite reduction
and skin tightening.

The holiday season is a busy time of year. So busy that most people don’t want to take on new
projects, especially one as big as starting an aesthetics business or investing in machines.
However, the holidays may be the best time to launch your venture. If you’re putting off starting
an aesthetic business or purchasing machines until after the new year, you may want to
reconsider. Here’s three reason why…
1) January, February, and March are one for the busiest times for treatment services due to
people wanting to achieve a new look and their New Years Resolution. So why not set up
your clinic at Christmas in time to take over the world in the new year.
2) Create a marketing plan. Focus on how your business is unique or better to attract
customers. You may have the best machine but without the best marketing solution, you
will have no business. MyShape Med Spa and Aesthetics are here to support businesses
so you can achieve your maximum potential.
3) The most time-consuming part of the business is the start-up. You do not need to capitalize
on the holiday buying time in this industry as people are busy shopping, but you’ll have
something already up and running that you can build in the new year. The key is to continue
marketing using the best brand and delivering a quality product or laser hair removal or
other treatment services.

In the next 5 years, every salon in every street corner will be using advanced technology for
treatment services. These services include lasers, tattoo removal, fat reduction treatments and
skin tightening treatments. People are more adapted to non surgical treatments using
technology rather than going down the route of needles or knifes.
Business owners are ditching the wax pots as well as traditional beauty methods. Technologies
are able to bring clients better results as well as making it effortless for the technician. In return,
staff are able to spend more time running the business to provide a better customer service
while business owners are able to grow their business.
Which factors should salon owners consider when determining the most suitable technology
for their business?
Nowadays local clientele is not the only option. We are not in the 90s. We have the power of
social media as well as brand awareness and success stories of using the correct brand. It is
not the same thing as getting your nails done or your legs wax. People will travel to clinics
offering a great product and technologies. Technology alone is not enough, using a good brand
will provide clients with the extra re-assurance meaning they will choose you over your
There are hundreds of courses and manufacturers available on the market, but only a handful
are taught reputable qualified teachers or doctors. If you are trained by a non-accredited
person, your insurance may become void. In this industry we do not want to put ourselves at
risk of just buying the insurance. Whether the insurance will pay out or not is another matter.
Are there any particular advanced treatments that are currently proving popular?
Hair removal is the most popular industry after all almost everyone has unwanted hair, but the
competition is higher so make sure you invest in a reputable brand as it is still one of the best
In recent years, tattoo removal is also a very popular choice as old tattoos end up looking
awful, and people with regrets either want to get rid of it altogether or get a new one. Again,
investing in a good machine is one thing, but using a better brand will bring your business with
a higher return on investment.
The fat reduction industry is the third most popular choice as everyone has a piece of stubborn
unwanted fat on at least one part of their body. But in terms of business prospective, it is very
profitable as there is less competition.
In recent years, there has been a craze with Botox and facelift. However, one of the hottest
face treatments and skin tightening is HiFu which stands for High Intensity Focused
As we age collagen cells become depleted causing the skin to become lax and develop fine
lines and wrinkles. By using the MyShape U Shape and U Shape + Hifu systems, deliver the
right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths in to the skin at the right temperature to
trigger a natural response under the skin. This will jump starts the regenerative process that

produces fresh new collagen. As fresh new collagen is produced the skin becomes tighter and
firmer, pushing out wrinkles to give a younger firmer complexion.
How can salons market this technology once they have introduced it into their salon/spa?
People seem to dwell over their technology and machines are better than yours so therefore I
am going to be more successful and win all the customers. WRONG!
Let’s just say your machine is made of platinum, but nobody ever heard of it before. So now
you start to tell your existing customers (If you have any) about the platinum machine and the
glory it has to offer. They will instantly be in-treed, but since this is a semi- medical procedure,
your customers would like to know where, how, when as well as any previous clinical data,
results and the efficiency of the system. Without this, even if your system is made of
Diamonds, you will loose that customer against your competitor that uses a reputable well
known system. So never buy an unknown system with no clinical trial and research. Always ask
where the machine come from as well as all of its data, certification and the type of support
you are getting.
When businesses buy a machine and training, the key point which they forget to look for is
marketing support. I mean any supplier can offer businesses with marketing support. A TV
advertisement is marketing support and an unknown brand with a few flyers or window poster
with cut and paste images from google is also marketing support.
Remember a brand is not just a Logo and you are paying for success and not just the machine
or training itself. If a company struggle to market themselves, why would they bother with you
and how will your business be known?
It takes years of good reputation and a team of experienced marketers in order to grow a
brand, which your potential customers have already heard of and your competitors be afraid
Let me ask you a question if you are a shop owner, would you sell Coca-cola or unbranded
cola? The truth is, you will not even stock Cola for free if your customers do not desire it.
Unless Pepsi comes along and presents you with a better return on investment for your shop,
of course.
Now I am not saying we are as big as Coca-cola or Pepsi, but within the laser industry, you
would only want to be associated with the Masters of Lasers!
Check out what MyShape Machines has to offer for your business investment.

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