Frequently Asked Questions


Who Places The Machines In The Salons And Spas?

MyShape Machines has a professional staff that places the machines, trains the users and secures agreements in busy facilities located in your area of choice.


Are IPL or Fat Freezing Treatments Regulated By the FDA or Medical Board?

No, although we fully train the staff that will be administering the treatments and put them through certification so the machines are properly used.


How Are Profits Paid To Me?

We place the machines for you on your behalf and secure a written agreement with the salon or spa. The spa does a 50/50 split on all treatments. This is even better for you, no profit and losses to worry about. You receive half the cash generated through the treatments themselves.


What If My Machine Breaks Or Malfunctions?

If the issue is merely a malfunction or product issue, we will repair or replace the unit for a full year (12 months)


Can I Buy More Than 4 Machines?

Yes you can secure as many machines as you would like and we offer additional discounts on larger orders


What If A Salon Has Slow Or No Sales And I Am Not Making Money On A Salon?

Contact us and we will relocate your machine anytime for the first full 12 months (Restrictions Do Apply)


What Are My Payment Options If I Want To Get Involved?

Once we identify your budget and financial goals, we will send you the agreement to get started and you can pay with cash Another great option, you can use your IRA


How Quickly Would I Receive My Machines If I Decide To Move Forward?

Our program is very popular and due to this, in our desire to properly perform and produce the results you are looking for in a quality placement. It can take up to 45 days for full placement of your units.


How Many Hours Per Week Does This Business Require From Me?

One of the many beautiful things about this opportunity is that you only provide the machines that we place for you. Your main job will be to check your meter usage and collect your check either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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