About Us


We are a distribution company formed as a business opportunity helping both those wishing to
make a great passive income and for those med spas needing the newest and greatest
machines. It all starts with our investors who purchase a machine or machines of their choosing
from our list of high demand FDA cleared machines. Once the machine is purchased we then
help the investor locate a high traffic and highly ranked med spa in the state of the investor’s
choosing. Once the machine is delivered with our white glove service our highly trained team
will visit the spa to train their staff on how to use the machine and sell treatments. Once their
team is trained we will help market the machine allowing the investor to just make a percentage
of all sales on the machine(s) they have purchased without having to deal with running the spa
or performing the treatments on the machines.

Why Choose Us

Why choose My Shape Med Spa and Aesthetics? Our CEO and Founder has over 15 years of
experience in the Aesthetics, Body Contouring, and Skin Tightening Industries and has been in
numerous markets. Our CEO has also trained for numerous other manufactures and
understands all our machines inside and out. We have a nationwide list of over 50,000 med
spas perfect for placement along with those our CEO has done business with and has couched
and mentored throughout the years. All our machines are FDA cleared machines making them
some of the safest machines on the market. Our team will be by both the Investor and Med
spa’s sides through this journey to ensure all parties reach success!

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is someone wishing to achieve passive income with doing little work and
getting to enjoy life and its finer things. This person would be someone wanting to help the world
by assisting those med spas that may have been hurt during the pandemic. Someone who
wants to to join in an endless opportunity of earning money in an industry Forbes predicted will
grow to 8 BILLION dollars by 2025.


Our CEO and Founder has a ton of experience in the Aesthetics, Body Contouring, and Skin
Tightening industry. He has done training for numerous manufactures, owned and operated med
spas in numerous markets, and understands the lasers and machines inside and out. He grew
tired of the day to day operations of med spas and wanted to help by spreading his knowledge
to help investors make passive incomes and spas grow and succeed!

Training and Support

We fully support both our investors and med spas along with give the spa all the training it will
need to bring success to all parties! Our training process consists of putting the machine
together, showing how that machine works, how to perform the treatments with hands on
training, and how to sell treatments for that machine.

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