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Your Machines Strategically Placed In Busy Salons And Spa’s And All You Do Is Collect Your Weekly Check, No Inventory, No Sales, No Cold Calling, No Hassle, Just Passive Income

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The body contouring market is expected to grow to over $8 Billion dollars by 2022. We can offer treatments with no real downtime. Often patients go back to work the same day after treatment. This is permanent fat cell removal without surgery.

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Many of our clients formerly owned vending routes and other inventory based businesses. With MyShape Machines, we place these high end, desirable machines into popular salons and spas. Our unique approach allows you, the owner of the equipment to enjoy passive income without selling or even having to deal with customers. Your only customer is the salon or spa. You are protected in your earnings based on sales and usage of the machine. No worries about profit and loss statements or inventory. We cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is to simply check your usage meter and collect your cash from the salon or spa owner. It’s that easy, no leases for space, no overhead, no payroll, no dealing with customers, no filling machines, no inventory, just collect your weekly check.

The Five Common Mistakes When Purchasing Aesthetic Equipment

Looking for the best deal is a good thing, but you must always do your due diligence and research when going into this business. You have to look deeper than just what meets the eye or what a trade show salesman or a glorified website says. Most machines look similar on the outside, but what’s on the inside is what matters most. The cheapest is not always a good deal and the most expensive is not always what it seems to be.

The first common mistake is specs. Many people say “Oh this machine has much better
specs, it also looks more grand, so therefore it is better.” Unfortunately that is not
always the case! Looking at the spec-sheets of a product does not always define the
quality or the actual results of the system. There are many systems on the market that
offer fake specifications to make the product more attractive and seem better. Savvy
business customers should always look for a trusted brand with a long-established
history. We are not saying all brands are reputable, but it is less likely that the specs are
fake. However genuine specs are not the only answer either. The parts and components
are required to work simultaneously together. Our best advice when looking at
specifications is to look at features rather than just specs, and the see if the company is
reputable as a whole.

The next common mistake is technology. Many sales people will say, “My technology
and machine is better than yours so therefore I am going to be more successful and win
all the customers.” This is not always the case. Let’s just say your machine is made of
diamonds, but nobody has ever heard of it before. So now you start to tell your existing
customers (if you have any) about this special machine and all the glory it has to offer.
They will instantly be intrigued, but since this is a semi-medical procedure, your
customers will want to know where, how, and when, as well as any previous clinical
data, results and the efficiency of the system. Without this, even if your system is made

of gold, you will lose that customer against your competitor who uses a reputable well-
known system. Never buy an unknown system with no clinical trials and research.

Always ask where the machine comes from as well as all of it’s data, certification and
the type of support you are getting.

The third common mistake is just trusting the salesman without doing research.
Salesmen will tell you “I have been told that your machine is poor quality, with cheap
parts as well as providing poor service and being overpriced.” Don’t believe everything a
salesperson tells you. Remember the salesman’s job is to sell you their product, there
are many that will sell with no dignity. A coward salesman can also be unprofessional
and speak badly to dis-sell you off another company and provide you with false
information to win over your business. Do your market research and make an informed
decision? Look at real data as well as making an overall judgment of the company
rather than just hearing 1-2 negative aspects.

The fourth common mistake is being left with a machine you cannot get repaired due to
the supplier going out of business. This is one of the most common stories when
customers do not dig deep. We have never seen an industry where so many suppliers

have gone bust! We can list quite a few companies that have gone out of business in
the last 1-2 years alone, while others are still going strong. When the company goes
goes out, no third party will want to service or repair your machine as it is not worth the
liability. It is impossible to source parts simply because they do not know who the
manufacturer of the system was, as the supplier never supplied them with a certificate
or a factory address. The best thing to look for is if thousands of machines are being
sold, it is very unlikely that the company will go bust, but if only a handful are sold, you
must be wary of this.

The last common mistake is being told the machine is FDA cleared. Many companies
will state they have FDA cleared technology. This does not mean the machine is FDA
cleared it just means the technology is. Companies are able to advertise this as it does
similar things that other companies have actual FDA cleared machines. Please always
be sure to do your research and see if the company advertises FDA cleared technology
or FDA cleared machines and be sure to ask for the documentation.

MyShape, also known as the premier leaders in medical technology manufacturer,
internationally renowned in Europe, Asia and North America. We offer the most
innovative technology and is at the forefront of the laser industry today. The company
has implemented dozens of advanced technological innovations for medical and beauty
MyShape Med Spa and Aesthetics produces technology that is based on scientific
research and development. We collaborate with leading brands to produce the highest
quality systems in the world. The quality is defined by hardware and software, working
harmoniously together to offer superior treatment results, and we continue to refine this
experience to offer an intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation for the
Innovative technology, branded parts, beautiful design, and quality build – this has
dramatically pushed the boundaries for our machines, leading MyShape Med Spa and
Aesthetics into a new era of Laser precision. All our systems are European Medical
Grade and U.S FDA cleared machines meaning they produce far better results and are
much safer than many other machines in the industry.

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